Keep your website running safe and efficient and without interruption.

Cyber Attacks are not a Hoax

Hackers are always searching for websites that have software vulnerabilities and bugs. They have sophisticated automation tools that can unlock passwords and load malware on your website. Once they gain access, they can utilize your website to host phishing scams and send fake emails thru your web services. Once these get flagged, your website and email can get blacklisted preventing you to communicate with your legitimate contacts. Other hackers steal your bandwidth and cause a denial of service (DoS) for your visitors causing pages to render slow or not at all.

Maintenance & Security Plans

To help make the task of selecting what features and services you need easy, we created three service levels. Each level has increasing security services to cover a broader range of threats. In addition, with each level we have included time for content updates (text, photos, calendar etc…). Choose a package that works best for your needs and budget.

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